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Allgemeine Verkaufsbedingungen

Article 1

Relations between the parties are governed by these general terms and conditions to the exclusion of all others. Belgian law alone applies to everything not expressly stipulated in these terms and conditions.

Article 2

This lease is a seasonal rental contract. The short length of the contract constitutes an essential condition, without which the contract would not have been concluded.

Consequently, this contract may not be classed as a commercial lease.

The tenant will not therefore establish his main residence in the leased building, such that any legal provisions relating to the protection of the family home will not apply to this contract.

Article 3

No accommodation can be booked without prior settlement of the advance payment indicated in this contract.

Should the tenant relinquish the option of occupying the accommodation definitively booked, the advance payment will not be reimbursed. Moreover, the lessor will be entitled to claim payment of the balance of the rent.

The balance of the rent, the various charges and the rent guarantee detailed in Article 4 must be paid or handed to the lessor at least 15 days before the keys are handed over. Otherwise, the tenant will be presumed to have relinquished the rental.

In the event of an error, double rental or non-availability of the accommodation resulting from a case of force majeure affecting the lessor (the lessor will not have to establish the unforeseeable or irresistible nature of the circumstance, or the impossibility of fulfilling the contract), the latter will refund the advance paid, unless the parties have been able to agree on other accommodation. In the event of an error on the part of the lessor, he will owe an amount equal to the advance payment. He may not under any circumstances incur liability above this amount.

Article 4

A rent guarantee of € 300 per accommodation unit is requested (with the exception of Le Marronnet, for which the rent guarantee is set at € 150.

Article 5

The guarantee and the provision for charges will be reimbursed within two months of the departure of the tenant and once it has been duly established that the tenant has fulfilled all his obligations. Should the lessor have to call on third parties to calculate the consumption costs or estimate damages, this period may be extended.

In the absence of an inventory upon entry, the parties agree that the premises are in perfect condition for rental and will have to be returned as such. The fact that the guarantee or the provision was reimbursed in full or in part upon the departure of tenant may not mean that the tenant is exempt from providing compensation for damage ascertained after his departure or from paying outstanding invoices.

The costs of the electricity and heating used are borne by the tenant unless otherwise stipulated. The electricity used will be calculated on the basis of the meter readings. The heating used will be calculated as a flat rate. The water used is included in the rental price.

At the end of the rental period, the accommodation is cleaned by the lessor at the expense of the tenant. A flat rate will be charged for this purpose at the start of the rental. This will also include cleaning the linen (towels and sheets) provided for the tenant.

Article 6

The fire insurance premium and the family insurance are borne by the tenant.

Article 7

The tenant is forbidden to sublet all or part of the leased building or to transfer the rights to a third party.

Article 8

Items of furniture may not be transported or moved. If the tenant has transported or moved items of furniture during his stay despite this ban, he will be obliged to return them to their position before his departure. An inventory of all the furniture will be handed to the tenant together with the keys to the building. The tenant is obliged to check the accuracy of this list upon his arrival. Any comments must be reported in writing to the lessor within twenty-four hours. Once this period is over, such comments will no longer be taken into consideration. Should any items in the accommodation be damaged, broken or lost, the tenant should inform the lessor of this immediately and provide compensation.

The tenant is forbidden to change the intended use of the rooms. The number of people permitted to stay in the premises is determined by the number of beds, unless a formal agreement is reached on this point. The accommodation may be occupied from 4.00 pm on the first day when the rental comes into force until 10.00 am on the day when it expires. If personal effects belonging to the tenant still remain in the accommodation, the lessor is authorised to have them removed, without being liable for any loss or damage. If, owing to particular circumstances and with the consent of the lessor, the tenant takes possession of the accommodation before the agreed time, the premises cannot be cleaned beforehand.

Upon his departure, the tenant shall check that the premises are generally neat and tidy, and in particular vacuum each room and empty the litter bins. If he fails to do this, additional cleaning cost will be charged.

Animals are not permitted in the accommodation without written authorisation.

Article 9

All the accessories (garden behind the building, pond, barbecue, parking area, children's games, etc.) are made available to the tenant on a temporary basis, with the user bearing sole liability. The tenant cannot assert any rights to these.

Children may only access the pond if accompanied by an adult.

In any case, the lessor will not bear any liability for any reason whatsoever (accident, theft, etc.).

Article 10

The lessor makes available to the tenant, free of charge, a safe in which he may, if he wishes, store objects of value. However, the lessor refuses any liability in the event of theft or holdup.

Article 11

The tenant and the lessor elect domicile as the respective addresses indicated at the start of this contract.

The parties undertake to inform one another in writing of any change of address.

Article 12

The tenant must fulfil his obligation to pay at the registered office of the lessor. The contract is deemed to be concluded, unless otherwise agreed, at the registered office of the lessor. In addition, the obligations of the lessor are fulfilled at the registered office of the latter. In the event of a dispute, the parties recognise the Justice of the Peace of the canton of Chimay (Belgium) as exclusively competent, since Belgian law alone applies to the contractual relations.